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How To Use a Home Sauna The Right Way

Updated: May 27

A sauna is an opportunity to immerse yourself in long-standing traditions and bring them into your home to make them your own. However, it is necessary to clearly understand how to steam properly in order to achieve the desired positive effect not only emotionally, but also physically. In this blog, we will look at how to prepare ourselves before entering a home sauna, tell you about the main sauna sessions, and explain how to properly complete this rejuvenating ritual. Your daily routine and culture may change.

Home sauna session in Canada

Before entering the sauna

Prepare yourself mentally: Before your first session, take time to breathe. A sauna is a way to slow down the pace of events and bring awareness back to our bodies, to the sensations and feelings around us, as well as to enable the whole body to listen and be present. This is not easy for many of us. You may have many worries, such as work, family, goals, and plans. Try to put them aside for a while before entering the home sauna.

Hydration before the sauna: Hydration is an important aspect during sauna sessions. Drink a glass of water before the session, or you can always add something new, such as herbal tea. Important! Try to avoid strong teas and coffees that contain caffeine. Also, take a cold drink with you to refresh and hydrate yourself before the first session.

Taking a shower: Take a quick shower with warm (not hot) water to soften the skin and open the pores, as well as to get rid of some fats and oils that have accumulated during the day.

How many sauna sessions should you have?

Although you can take sessions as many as you want, it is most often recommended to attend three sessions, gradually increasing the temperature and humidity each time. This ensures that you do not put excessive stress on your body and end up leaving the sauna really rested.

1. Dry warm-up (10-minute session)

Step into the preheated sauna and warm up for about 10 minutes. Traditionally, the session is held dry, without adding steam or water. After that, go out and take a shower. You can spend some time with a cup of tea and enjoy pleasant conversation. Try to avoid stressful topics like work or politics. If you are outside, admire the beautiful view of nature or a soothing campfire.

2. Heat up the rocks (12-minute session)

During this session, water is poured onto hot stones. This method can be used in small portions. Some may want to get a more intense feeling by pouring a full bucket onto the stones at once.

You can also use a traditional twig bundle made from tree branches to gently rub the skin. Typically, one person lies down on a towel, while another takes a bunch of wet branches in each hand and lightly or strongly taps from the back down to the legs. It may seem unusual at first, but it is supposed to help reduce muscle pain and soften the skin. Get out of the sauna and wash your body thoroughly; then cool off again by drinking a glass of water and having a little chat.

3. Heat and ice (15-minute session )

In the last session, return to the sauna and stay there for about 10-15 minutes or as long as you wish. After that, you can plunge into a cold spring, snow, or a cold pool. If you have a bucket filled with spring water on hand, that can work too.

At the end of your sauna session

After that, as soon as you leave the sauna, be sure to take time to sit quietly and relax. You can relax by the campfire or at the table. Have a snack with something light and drink herbal tea. Rest as much as you want until you feel completely rested. As soon as you stop sweating, you can dry off, get dressed, and finish your sauna session.

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