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How we Build Custom


Design Meeting

The first step in any custom sauna build is to understand how you sauna.  We start by developing a scope, and aligning how much a custom sauna should cost for you. 



Next step is to build the sauna. Our process can take 1-2 months from start to finish depending on our workload. In this time, we are in constant communication with you as things come together. This is an exciting time to see ideas and dreams take shape. 


Project Launch

After this, we sit down and work with you to select the right materials, size, features, wood fire or electric  and account for how the Sauna will live in your space.



Once we finish building it, it's time to get it to where you will sauna! We deliver and set the sauna by crane anywhere you like! We encourage customers to be creative, and find the best view on their property prior to the design process. 


Custom From the Start

Custom Sauna can mean a lot of different things. When we say Custom Sauna, we mean it to the last nail. We often plan and design sauna spaces with change rooms, showers and cold plunge areas. Many options are available such as bench layouts, window sizes and placements, siding and roofing options. The sky is the limit! We encourage you to take time to explore ideas, styles and ways to ensure that your sauna is perfect for you! 

Generational Quality 

We stress more than anything, the longevity of our custom sauna builds. We built them to last and they harness the materials and building practises to do so. We are here to answer any questions about the building process and design.

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