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Ogon 6x6

The idea behind OGON was to bring the most high quality sauna to the market with an entry level price point. We achieved this by designing a sauna that is sized perfectly to accommodate either a wood-fired or electric stove option. From the black oiled walls to the cool shaped roof, the result is a funky architectural piece of art that delivers in every detail.  The 6x6 sauna fits four comfortably, and the 4x4 fits two.


What goes into an Island Sauna

Details Matter

Sauna Features - 

  • Snaplock or standing seam steel roof with 40-year warranty

  • Best insulation values

  • Foil Vapour barrier

  • Dedicated airspace for gaining heat

  • Air barrier

  • Rain screen

  • Bug screen

  • Vented Soffits and attic space

  • Yakasugi or custom seamed metal siding.

  • Pressure treated floor system

  • Tempered windows in commercial window frames

  • Bench and Wall LEDS

  • Optional soffit lighting

  • Blackened oiled walls or traditional Clear T&G cedar interior.


Download your 2024 sauna Catalog 

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