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Sauna Sessions

Island Sauna Sessions

Imagine this: you're surrounded in warmth, the  air hums with the scent of eucalyptus; the only sound is the rhythmic crackle of wood in the sauna stove. This isn't a dream; it's an Island Sauna session, ready to transport you to pure bliss.

In this unique experience, you'll trade the traditional electric sauna room for a cozy view to the wilderness. Here, the sauna heat isn't just invigorating; it's infused with the essence of the surrounding island. Breathe in the air, feel the heat with each session, and let the island's natural rhythms lull you into profound relaxation.

Whether seeking a solo escape or a rejuvenating experience with loved ones, an Island Sauna session is more than just a sauna treatment; it's a chance to reconnect with nature, escape the every day, and emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and utterly renewed. So, are you ready to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary? Read more to discover all you need to know about crafting your unforgettable Island Sauna adventure.


Sauna Sessions Info

Creekside in Black Creek

Come experience sauna and cold plunge at our convenient location in Black Creek. We have a  wood-fired 10 person mobile sauna parked creekside in a private setting. All sessions are 2hrs. Start first in the sauna and get your sweat on, then take a rinse in our hot shower and then immerse yourself in our Ice filled cold plunge tubs for a good cool down. The tubs range from outside temperature to a chilly -7 degrees C. The space features a lounge area with fire pit and heaters. 


Want to take your friends and family and enjoy our sauna in a cozy, private environment? Invite up to 15 people and enjoy the full experience of sauna and cold plunge all by a warm fire. 


Social Sauna is a great way to attend a session for a great price. It's also a wonderful way to connect with other sauna enthusiasts and make some friends. Social saunas are the most popular sessions and everyone who attends has a great time. 

*A note about Social Sauna - Please read our Cancelation policy on our FAQ page if you are booking for others besides yourself. If you cannot book more than one spot for social sessions, it is because they are full. Adding your guests name does not secure a spot. Your booking should allow you to add your guests and the price of your booking should reflect the correct number of people booked. 

*don't forget to add your guests phone number when booking social sauna or your booking will get canceled. 


** If you are booking an early slot (before 10am), we do require a $100 Deposit to take the booking. 

Deposits for the early slot booking can be sent to

Password- beachsauna

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Benefits of Sauna

Regular use of the sauna can improve cardiovascular health. Regular use of sauna can reduce your risk of cardiovascular events/stroke that leads to death. Increasing the frequency and length of sauna sessions subsequently can decrease the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease. Further, the use of sauna has been studied by other clinical groups and positively correlated with a reduction in “all cause mortality. 

Proven health benefits of sauna include:  


- improvement in cardiovascular health. 

- improvement in mood 

- increased levels of endorphins 

- improvement in stress response  

- decrease in cortisol levels 

- enhancement of DNA repair/longevity pathways 

- improvement in heat shock proteins, which have been shown to repair protein structures within our cells.  

-increased natural growth hormone production.


Benefits of Cold Plunge

Deliberate cold exposure causes a significant release of epinephrine (aka adrenaline), norepinephrine (aka noradrenaline), serotonin and dopamine in the brain and body. Colds cause their levels to stay elevated for some time, and their ongoing effect after the exposure is to increase your level of energy and focus, which can be applied to other mental and/or physical activities.

Proven health benefits of deliberate cold exposure include:  


- reduction in inflammation 

- improved circulation 

- boosted immune system response 

- enhanced metabolism. 

- reduction in stress and anxiety  

- improvement in mental clarity 

- better sleep 

- increases physical recovery 

- enhanced general energy levels 

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