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Professional Pause: Business Events with Sauna and Cold Plunge

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Business Events & Team Sauna Sessions

"Elevate Your Team's Performance with Our Premier Sauna and Cold Plunge Experiences"

Bring your team to a unique wellness experience at our Black Creek location. Our wood-fired mobile sauna, situated in a private creekside setting, accommodates up to 10 people comfortably,

(16 tight), ideal for corporate groups. Each session lasts 2 hours, beginning with a stress-relieving sauna, followed by a refreshing rinse and a plunge into our ice-filled cold tubs, cooling down to -7 degrees Celsius. The area also features a cozy lounge with a fire pit and heaters, perfect for team bonding and relaxation. Recharge your team's spirit in this tranquil retreat.  

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The Power of Group Sauna and Cold Plunge

Sauna and cold plunge is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. A group setting has been proven to bring people together, build bonds and challenge peoples courage. This is not your typical after hours get together that most often involves alcohol and comfort food. Sauna and cold plunge will leave your team feeling refreshed and energized. The endorphins and biochemical release such as dopamine increase energy levels and are a great way to bring a positive experience for everyone. 

Take The Plunge!

There's nothing more connecting than suffering together as shared misery creates strong bonds. Embrace discomfort and push your limits. Stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to personal and professional growth. This is the new way for adults to get high and it’s an experience you will never forget!


Sauna and cold plunge benefits include:

Drastic increases in good mood, endorphins, energy levels, mental clarity, better sleep, increased productivity, reduced stress and anxiety, boosted immune system, enhanced metabolism, better physical recovery, improvement in cardiovascular health, decreased cortisol levels, increases in growth hormone production to name a few.


"Black Creek Sauna Sessions" 

Elevate Your Team's Collaboration and Well-being with Our Black Creek Sauna Sessions
Ideal for business groups, these sessions offer a wood-fired sauna and cold plunge in a private creekside setting. Accommodate up to 20 colleagues and enjoy relaxation by a warm fireside. Regardless of whats written online, corporate pricing is as follows- 6-10 people $35ea, 11-15 People-$30ea, 16-20 people $25ea. *6 people minimum ** must show some form of corporate proof at the time of check in.


Our Sauna Mission

Our mission is to see saunas become a relaxing cornerstone of our lives. To bring Canadian-built quality to reimagine what a sauna can truly be.

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What Our Customers Say About Us 

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Island Sauna is your handcrafted custom sauna builder. Our saunas are built with generational quality, each a unique orchestration of the best materials built with craftsmanship. At Island Sauna, we take great pride in ensuring our clients’ saunas fit their unique needs by designing bespoke saunas for every kind of place. Our love and passion can be felt in every detail of your new Island sauna.

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Island Sauna Gallery

An Authentic Sauna Experience 

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