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Sauna FAQS

  • What makes your saunas better than other saunas on the market?
    Our saunas are built to last decades. They are not your typical Pre-fabricated sauna that arrives in a box. Most prefab saunas that are shipped in a box lack crucial building design elements such as vapor barrier and insulation. If they do have these makeups, they are most often times not adequate for building code requirements for our area. This results in premature deterioration of the sauna building materials over time. Our saunas are built in a controlled shop environment using pressure treated floor systems, fully insulated with vapor barrier, required air barrier, professionally installed exterior siding, and metal roof systems. Our saunas are designed to perform in our wet British Columbia weather and built with practices to ensure you sauna holds up to the elements. Our saunas are finished with sustainably sourced western red cedar, the best wood available in our region. Our saunas are fully built in our shop, shipped out and craned into place at your location, with no assembly required.
  • What is the process for a custom sauna build?
    It all start with a phone call. We will gather all required goals and information regarding your build, and then give you an approximate build price. If the price works for your budget, then we start the design process to achieve the sauna of your dreams. We do not provide any design work or details until we are officially in contract with clients. It should also be noted that we do not put our clients into a que, until we are in contract. We often have clients call us about a build, only to call back in a month to realize we are now building for other clients and their wait time has increased. This should be noted for those who are serious about a custom sauna build. If you are serious about a sauna build, please give us a call, rather than sending us a message.
  • What is the timeline for a custom sauna build?
    Typically our smaller builds can take only 30 days to build, depending on how busy we are. Generally we complete prefab saunas in our shop in 30-60 days depending on size. Larger custom builds can take longer. But, if you want a sauna that is going to last, it takes careful planning. Another thing to note is that we are most often booked a few months in advance, so getting in the que is essential for a quick turnaround time.
  • Do you deliver saunas?
    Yes. We mostly build complete saunas in our shop and then shipped and craned into place at your location.
  • Can you build an indoor sauna?
    As a custom sauna builder, we are focused on outdoor saunas built here in British Columbia and Vancouver area, delivered and installed on your property. For in-home builds, we can help you best understand what to look out for and how to work with your local contractors to get the best results.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Make sure you have signed the waiver form before you arrive: Waiver form - Flip flops - Besides the corridor path to the sauna space, the entire space is a flip-flop zone. They are mandatory. We have some you can rent, but encourage you to bring your own. Towels - In a bid to reduce our workload and provide services at a competitive rate, we ask you to bring 2 of your own towels. One for sitting on inside the sauna and one for drying off with. What not to bring Glass - Please do not bring any glass containers or bottles. No glass allowed in any form please. Perfumes or essential oils. - We provide our own eucalyptus oil that is safe for our sauna, so please do not bring any oils from home. Please also refrain from bringing scented soaps, lotions and other fragrances. Tobacco or cannabis - Yes this is a no smoking zone. Please make sure you do not partake in our facility or on site. Thank-you
  • What's included in my session?
    Shared access to our private area. Self guided sessions in our 10 person wood-fired mobile sauna, 2 ice baths and 1 cold water bath, hot out door shower, hot tea, water, lounge area with fire pit.
  • How do I reschedule or cancel?
    To cancel, please send us a text to 250.218.2392 with the following information: -Full Name -Date and time of your booking You will need to rebook the correct session if you wish to reschedule.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    Social session cancelations within 24 hrs of your session will require a $5 fee on your next booking. Private sessions canceled within 48 hrs are required to pay a $25 fee. Private Cancelation within 24 hrs require a 50% fee of the original price. No show fees will be charged at full price and must be paid if you are to book again at our facility. Fees are due at the time of check-in. If you need to cancel or rebook, please send us an email or text at 250.218.2392 with the following information: -Full Name -Date and time of your current booking -Number of guests -Date and time of the booking you wish to attend - Number of guests
  • How do I book for friends?
    You can add people to your booking by entering their names into the last form on the booking page. Make sure to send each member in your group the link to sign the waiver form so they can sign the waiver form prior to arrival as to not dip into their sauna time!
  • Its my first time, what should I expect?
    If this is your first time, congratulations! This will be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have! Bring a bathing suit and an open mind. The benefits of sauna and cold plunge will become apparent after your session, but It takes a bit of bravery at first to take the plunge. Getting out of the hot sauna increases the desire to cool down. Make sure you take a good rinse in the shower before you enter the tubs. Stay in the tub as long as you can. Try and beat your last time by watching the clock. The most health benefits come when you begin to shiver. Do as many hot/ cold cycles as you want. Its best to end on a cold cycle. Let your body warm up on its own, for the maximum health benefits. You will notice changes in your overall mental state, and have a great sleep after any session. We encourage you to try some physical activity, exercise, or go to the gym approximately 3 hours after a hot/ cold thermo-therapy session. You will feel the best you have every felt in your entire life! We supply tea and water, but your more than welcome to bring your own. No glass containers or bottles are permitted on site. Sessions are 2 hours long, and you will notice that the main lighting will dim to signal the end of your session. Please do not arrive early. We need time to prepare.
  • Why was my Social Sauna session cancelled?
    We retain the right to cancel sessions due to lack of attendance. Its just not worth us staffing the sauna and lighting the wood stove and prep for less than 3 people to attend the sauna. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • I booked a weekday private session but it falls on a holiday. Is the price the same?
    No. Although the price for weekday sessions are shown in your confirmation email, Please note that Holidays are charged at the same rate as weekend bookings.
  • What are your prices?
    What are the prices? Weekday private 2hr sessions are -$170 for 1-2 people. Each additional guest is $20 Weekday private 75 min sessions are -$125 for 1-2 people. Each additional guest is $15 Weekend and Holiday 2 hr sessions are - $190 for 1-2 people. Each additional guest is $20. Social Sessions are $35 each and are limited to 4 people in a group. Please do not book with your friends and take over the social sessions. Groups of 5 or more and required to book a private session. *Please note our summer rates are reduced.
  • Can I book for friends?
    Yes, but if your friend CANCELS or NO-SHOWS, YOU will be required to pay the no show or cancelation fee, so make sure they are 100% attending so it doesn't cost you. Also please make sure when booking, you add a phone number for each guest. If we cannot verify books are real, we do cancel them. Private session prices are dependent on the number of guests at the time of check in, so it doesn't really matter who comes or doesn't.
  • Do you have punch passes?
    Yes we do! They are for social sessions. Buy 5 get one free for $175 and can be purchased at the time of check-in. Please note they are only good for the person who has purchased them.
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