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Can Sauna Cause Headaches?

Saunas have long been renowned for their many benefits, including improved circulation and relaxation. Unfortunately, however, some individuals have experienced headaches after participating in sauna sessions - leading many people to question if saunas may cause headaches.

Can Sauna Cause Headache - Is It True

To correctly answer this question, one must understand how saunas operate. Both traditional and infrared saunas raise core body temperatures through exposure to high temperatures and low humidity - this causes sweating which flushes toxins out while creating relaxation, serenity, and wellness to bring wellness.

can sauna cause headaches
can sauna cause headaches

Saunas may provide numerous health advantages, from relieving stress to soothing muscles to warding off headaches; yet for certain individuals there may also be contributing factors that contribute to headaches:

1. Dehydration is one of the primary contributors to sauna-related headaches. Prolonged exposure to high heat can result in profuse sweating that depletes our bodies of fluids and electrolytes resulting in dehydration which in turn causes headaches! To minimise this risk participants must ensure they remain adequately hydrated before, during, and after post sauna session to remain adequately hydrated to avoid dehydration-related headaches.

2. Some individuals may be more sensitive than others to extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure can bring on headaches or worsen existing ones, with additional issues being caused if too long is spent in a sauna. Doing this for too long increases risks further while creating additional concerns in some individuals.

3. Sauna sessions may help lower blood sugar levels, particularly if you haven't eaten recently. Low blood sugar can cause headaches and dizziness; to prevent this, it's advisable to have a small, balanced meal or snack before entering a sauna session.

4. Prolonged sauna use or too frequent sessions can exert physical strain and lead to fatigue, stress, and headaches. To ensure safe use, follow recommended guidelines - typically 15-20 minute sessions at a time are ideal.

5. People suffering from migraine or cluster headaches may be particularly at risk of experiencing headaches during sauna usage; therefore it would be prudent for such individuals to consult healthcare providers first before leaping sauna use.

6. Under-ventilated saunas can lead to the buildup of stale air and carbon dioxide, leading to headaches. To maintain adequate ventilation of your sauna space and ensure fresh air circulation.


While saunas offer many health advantages, they may cause headaches in certain people. To protect yourself against potential headaches during or after sauna use it is important to stay hydrated, monitor your comfort level, and be aware of any preexisting conditions that make you more prone to them. If severe or persistent headaches develop during or after sauna use it is wise to contact a healthcare provider immediately for evaluation and guidance.

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