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Sauna Builders In British Columbia

Bringing people together through authentic sauna

Island Sauna brings full-service sauna experiences in the British Columbia area. Our custom saunas are tailored to your comfort. Each custom sauna is a masterpiece in craftsmanship; built to last generations. Call now for custom sauna and weekly sauna sessions.

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"Authentic Bespoke Saunas" 

We've hosted hundreds of sauna sessions with all types of people. Out of this passion and joy of sauna, we've custom-built our own line of saunas that resonate with what a quality sauna session is all about. 


Custom Sauna Builders in Canada

Building your dream Custom Sauna 

Island Sauna is your handcrafted custom sauna builder. Our saunas are built with generational quality, each a unique orchestration of the best materials built with craftsmanship. At Island Sauna, we take great pride in ensuring our clients’ sauna fits their unique needs by designing bespoke saunas for every kind of place. Our love and passion can be felt in every detail of your new Island sauna.


Our Sauna Mission

Our mission is to see saunas become a relaxing cornerstone of our lives. To bring Canadian-built quality to reimagine what a sauna can truly be.

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Meet Steve

Growing up in British Columbia, like a lot of us, I grew up with the typical sauna experience in some hotel in the corner by the pool. Moldy and barely holding the heat. It wasn’t until I spent some time in Europe that I discovered what real sauna is all about—coming back to Canada with a deep desire to bring these amazing experiences and the sauna culture to life. Island sauna was started based on the vision of providing quality sauna sessions for all.


What Our Customers Say About Us 

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Island Sauna Gallery

An Authentic Sauna Experience 

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