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Do You Wear Shoes in Sauna

Wearing shoes in a sauna is often debated. Saunas are known for their relaxing and detoxifying benefits; whether or not shoes should be worn is ultimately up to personal choice and cultural norms. We explore why people may decide to wear footwear during sauna visits as well as key considerations that must be kept in mind before making their choice.

Saunas are often intended to be enjoyed without shoes; to experience their full effects, visitors usually enter an unheated wooden room barefoot and step onto heated benches with natural heat from a sauna stove, directly benefiting from warm wood beneath their feet - something many find comforting and therapeutic.

But some individuals may choose to wear shoes inside saunas for several reasons. One major consideration is hygiene - public saunas found at gyms, hotels or spas are shared spaces where different individuals enter with various levels of cleanliness; wearing shoes could protect your feet from dirt, germs, or fungal infections that might exist on the sauna floor.

Do You Wear Shoes in Sauna
Do You Wear Shoes in Sauna

Some individuals may suffer from foot conditions that make walking in a sauna unpleasant or painful; conditions like plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, in particular, may make this task uncomfortable or painful; to provide comfort during these instances wearing slip-resistant footwear is highly beneficial.

Another reason for wearing shoes in saunas is related to safety. Heat, steam, and potentially wet surfaces in a sauna can create slippery conditions which necessitate wearing footwear with good gripping abilities to avoid accidental slips and falls that could potentially cause injuries. Shoes equipped with great tread can prevent such missteps by helping avoid accidental falls which might otherwise happen without good support - keeping guests safer than before and potentially leading to injuries as a result of them occurring accidentally.


Deliberations over whether to wear shoes when entering a sauna largely depend upon individual comfort, hygiene concerns, and the type of sauna used. Traditional saunas were created with bare feet enjoyment in mind but modern saunas may require different requirements; always prioritize safety and cleanliness, speak to a healthcare professional if there are specific foot issues present, and make your decision accordingly if attempting relaxation and well-being through sauna sessions is the aim.

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