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Introducing our newest sauna model, Ogon. Video link----> HERE

Each sauna has:
-Snaplock or standing seam steel roof with 40-year warranty
-Best insulation values
-Foil Vapour barrier
-Dedicated airspace for gaining heat
-Air barrier
-Rain screen
-Bug screen
-Vented Soffits and attic space
-Yakasugi or custom seamed metal siding.
-Pressure-treated floor system
-Tempered windows in commercial window frames
-Bench and Wall LEDS
-Optional soffit lighting
-Blackened oiled walls or traditional Clear T&G cedar interior.

We believe saunas should be built like a house... built to last.


4x4- starting at $14,900
6x6- starting at $22,900

Ogon 4 person 4x4 or 6x6 Exterior sauna

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